Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lingerie in our life

Lingerie - unconditional attribute of modern life. It is difficult to imagine that once people are treated without such an important subject of the day-to-day wardrobe. History has not lingerie a century - originated back in ancient civilizations, linen perceived solely as a hygienic detail ladies' outfit. Only a few centuries later, Lingerie was the aesthetic function to perform.

History lingerie begins in ancient Egypt, where women are thin on outwardly attire. This prototype lingerie look very peculiar, as a shirt began under the breast, leaving it open. Then linen owes its further development in Greece. This is the cradle of ancient civilizations appeared glimpse of the modern brassiere. Connecting under chest elastic strips of leather, Greek stressed their chest (neck line).

Roman women improved Greek "brassiere" that have expanded and added a strip of leather (supplement), lacing her. So, there is also another accessory underwear - corsets, respectively, which is considered the motherland Rome. It corset many different forms and types will be the only attribute of women's underwear for several centuries. At different periods of history corset served Lingerie different functions: reduces chest, leaving it flat (H II century - the peak of popularity tightening corsets); raising and stressed the chest (H V-XVII centuries. - Fashion at the naked chest and deep decolletage), etc. VMCA several types of corsets lingerie: English and French, as opposed was that English is not delayed so hard as French.

Gradually fashion corsets went on, giving way to more modern forms of lingerie. The first of corsets village women refused, because the details of the women's toilet hampered their work. And in 1905, King Parisian fashion Poire proposed reform of a kind:Lingerie cut dresses without a corset. In addition, since the French Revolution corsets were constant criticism from reformers, philosophers and even doctors. It was only after the First World War, the accessory is underwear completely disappeared from the ladies' wardrobes. Those women who did dare to wear his severely osmeivalis.

The end of the XIX century - a real revolution in the history of underwear. It was in this period look at fundamentally changing linen: it is now not only the subject of personal hygiene and "tool" to correct figure, but first and foremost element ladies' flirtation. I get very notion of "lingerie", which replaces the very utilitarian name - "body wear." Finally, the laundry gets a decent account, gradually turning into a symbol of female sexuality. At this time (because of XIX century.) Are becoming popular trousers, silk ribbons and trimmed openwork lover. In furnish starting to use lace, embroidery, embossing various effects - all of this is the beginning of "a new era" of linen. During the same period, gaining the attention of women's lower skirt, which strictly regulated: for example, to the elegant dress relied splashes half a dozen (6 skirts)! Color execution lower skirts, like all of linen as a whole remains invariably white, as a colorful linen riding considered obscene, acknowledged not elegant lingerie and even immoral! For the first time in history, women are starting to use the underwear as a "weapon" to entice the men: lower skirts and trousers are becoming an intrinsic attributes

Change and the women themselves - they become more active, free and have a lot of new hobbies that require more convenient form of clothing and more convenient laundry. Pants and brassiere modern become a kind of response to new requests of women. in 1903 - a doctor by the name of Sarah Gosh brassiere introduced a new model in the Paris Academy of Medicine. The woman "corset" cut into two halves: the upper part turned into a brassiere, and the bottom - in the zone. And in 1935, lingerie manufacturers have invented special pads (liners), put inside the brassiere and giving breast amidst an enviable. In the same year, was introduced dimensional several cups from A to D. Overall underwear acquires modern look only after 1925. At the same time become fashionable and bathing suits, which have spread at the end of the XIX century. Initially colored bathing suits sewn from thin, and some of the twentieth years of the twentieth century began to manufacture of knitwear, as the material comes better shape. It has to be a very interesting detail: At the end of the XIX century. -- the beginning of the twentieth century. women wore swimsuits, along with black bathing pieces lingerie. Currently lingerie in production swimsuits used mainly elastic materials - so modern bathing suits perfectly "sit" on the body and keep good form.

A few centuries since appeared lingerie in our lives underwear. Submission of it changed over several historical eras, each period dictating its demands to how to be a modern lingerie. Initially, it was perceived as only part of the women's toilet hygiene, as mentioned formerly underwear - "body wear." But those times well forgotten, now that linen - is more than simply an attribute everyday wardrobe, it is a kind of philosophy of life, reflecting the nature of women, their temperament, attitudes towards ourselves and the entire surrounding world.

The selection of models, colors, materials surprise even the most experienced lady. Not surprisingly, the women sometimes wear items of underwear as outerwear: for example elegant corsets may well serve as the ceremonial details toilet. Do not be afraid to experiment with objects (elements) lingerie, boldly make your bright personality, because now there are all the possibilities!

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