Monday, March 10, 2008

What is lingerie for women

When producer of "Gone with the Wind" David Selznick ordered to Scarlett dress trousers of the very expensive lace, the leading role of Vivien Leigh, wanting to reduce costs, commented: "They are also still no one sees." "But you know something, that they have", followed by a reply lingerie.

Dismantle his underwear. If you live with a man, if you are going to live with a man, if you are looking to meet with a man - relentlessly rolling all stretched, ugly. Do not save on linen - is a wonderful asset to each of the women can take time, however you want, and will always win lingerie!

>>> A woman with three pairs of pants lingerie- it is almost a man!

>>> This woman must radiate confidence in the permanence of its beauty and strength of his charm. Without beautiful linen is not do!

>>> Underwear, part of the same outfit, and the emergence of new things, naturally requires modest and under it. Is it always a pleasure to be in all new!

>>> Absolute truth: "Underwear for women - is a subject of luxury essentials!"

>>> Today, a naked woman is difficult to surprise even the child. Man craves stimulation. Therefore, much more interesting when there is a woman that hide. Forbidden fruit is always sweet. In addressing this problem lingerie is precisely the primacy of the lower linen.

>>> Beautiful women's underwear can certainly create a mood of the victorious!

>>> Underwear - a favorite as a man who whole day to you touches. Tell me, would you allow you were close to a man who does not like you or tired?

>>> Psychologists argue: "A woman in a beautiful linen lingerie (even if no one sees it) feels confident ease, a state reflected in its gait, posture, eyes, body language, thereby increasing its attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex."

>>> Having linen in abundance - pink dream of every woman, especially feel to imagine the horrors clothes Soviet era.

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