Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Types of lingerie

Recently, the border between the lower linen lingerie and clothes is gone, so to speak on trends is very difficult. Underwear can be a part of clothing, and the main focus. For a long time nobody embarrasses the lingerie which was out of the top or jacket brassiere straps, Time one button and nadety directly to the brassiere, big notches offering underwear, panties and that came out from the trouser belt. Underwear is becoming more distinct element. However underwear - is all that is on nudity. Now functions may perform lingerie dress, shirt, topic, body.

The practical Lingerie

The practical underwear is out of fashion. Underwear has always been so. Basic colors - black, white and beige. This lingerie shops without extra boxes, jewelry and other niceties. The most popular material - with the addition of cotton lycra or other modern fibers. However, in the day-to-day lace underwear to be taking place. The main condition - that underwear should keep good shape and be very convenient.

Decorative Lingerie

The second category of lingerie exclusively serves enticement for men. It is a kind of wrapper - a beautiful, sexual and attractive lingerie. Often underwear becomes part of the ensemble and accidentally or intentionally looks out of clothing. For ornaments such use lace lingerie, sequins, gold inserts suspension. Decorative lingerie can be a checkerboard, and striped. Either Undergarments must repeat the exact color of clothing.

Home Lingerie

Home clothing also can be lower linen. Come back into use peignoir, trimmed with natural fur, feathers, lace. Peignoir need those whose homes have "a way from the bathroom to the bedroom", but the situation compels owner "conform". However, to get a beautiful gown or night shirt should any self-respecting zhenschina.Naibolee material suitable for the home - silk. The color gamut to choose saturated: dark blue board, emerald. However, the sublime nature and gentle place lilac, pink or beige color.

Latest hot Lingerie

Jeans Undergarments - under jeans character, but much more soft to the touch.
In this season of lingerie en vogue steel corsets. Yes, the very corsets, which were still our Qisling. If the house is helping whom, it is possible to buy corset lacing, only to be kept in mind that put him alone or impossible to withdraw.

How to choose Lingerie?

We need to bear in mind that a number of size, which is designated by letters and numbers, is designed for "average" women. The figures indicate around the chest, and letters - for the size of a cup. But more than around the chest, and the more cups. That is, "W" for 80 - of the amount would be more than the same "V" for 75 - go.

When buying a brassiere should also draw attention to the Rams on the strap. They should move freely, but they are well kept strap so you can record the chest as you comfortably.

And how tightly adjacent cups, not weighs whether Thorax corset basis.

Another indicator - the lower part brassiere should be conducted under the vanes, and the lower the better.

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