Friday, February 1, 2008

From what kind of material should be your swimwear and lingerie

Of polyester? This material is good that does not burn out in the sun, but long dries and loses form.
Of polyamide? These swimsuits stretch, but… irrevocably. The service life of Lingerie their short. And most importantly, because these fibers are destroyed properties under the action of sunlight.
The best properties of polyamide has leotard with the addition of lycra (or elastin). The percentage of the additive should be less than 16 - 18%, that is not very assembled body. Choosing smelting, try to stretch them. If we manage to increase them to 1.5 - 2 times, it means that they have lycra Lingerie. If you do not stretch - did not take. They will dangle on land and in water they could lose.
If more than 30% lycra, this little leotard breathable, that is not hygienically lingerie.
Of all the swimsuits "breathe", of course, cotton. But it worse shape keeps the rest. And if there is a leotard of cotton lycra 15% (at least) - it is not fail you.

At the touch of modern elastic tissue, which block swimsuits, reminiscent of silk, velvet and cotton. Meanwhile Lingerie, not fellow example, they endure scorching sun and frequent salt baths. Leotards made of modern fibers (taktel, mikrofibra, elastane) well miss the air, do not lose form, fast drying, do not sit down, not quoted, does not burn and is not stretched. Some models made from the fibers, repulsive ultraviolet rays that protects the skin from excessive solar power. Exploring the label, do not be surprised at the amount good price, as the price in this case directly reflects the quality leotard lingerie.

All these high-tar dear faces, but hardly worth saving at such a seductive part of the women's wardrobe: because in it, as the saying goes, and the feast (ie, in the sea) and in the world - to play beach volleyball or sit in the coastal restaurant, blissfully cool sip mint cocktail. Lingerie

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