Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When to get ready for the hot season?

If you have a beautiful slender figure, you can afford practically everything: the most courageous decisions that match your style and desires. Alas, not every woman has a perfect figure, but nevertheless the right choice leotard help conceal certain features of your pieces that you feel deficient (or actually were such). The correct choice of swim wear - Pledges good mood and a great holiday!lingerie

Swimsuit should be universal. Adapted for swimming, sports games and tanning on the beach. It should be beautiful and comfortable. Better even to purchase a few swimsuits, depending on the goals. If you watch Settle present, the most important thing in leotard - is convenience; all ornaments and create a lot of inconvenience. simple solid leotard, crossed at the back. Coherent leotard can hide your weaknesses. lingerie

Prior to becoming similar to the present, swimming costume (women's swim wear, men's melting) has been a long, almost from the age-old way to the sound absurd, bunching of fabric to its minimum. Swimsuit distant past was a long robe with lush assembly, stolen directly from neck. swimmer, stalemate in the water, becoming similar to a giant inflatable ball. Lingerie Men were more fortunate: Bathing suit flapping in a lateral stripe, which kept two centuries until it is not cut off the top of the pre-modern melting. At the beginning of XX century French designer Gabrielle Chanel take aesthetics leotard. Lingerie Case swimming costume changes went even faster and came to bikini (name happened after the Coral Islands in the Pacific Ocean). term now known as bikini panties, not covering the thigh. Lingerie

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