Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How to choose the perfect bra?

How many times was supposed to torture the women's breasts at all times: and leather belts delayed in ancient Greece, and metal plates sorounded it in medieval Spain, and in whale bones from the neck pushing in the era of corsets. The modern bra considers female body structure, easy to wear and just beautiful. But controversy about its harms and benefits of continuing to this day.

Modern women prefer impressive trough of synthetic materials, drawing attention only in appearance and does not think about quality. Too many people think first of all about what will make the impression, and does not care about convenience and comfort.

To brassiere was really to the benefit, not harm, it must be correctly selected. One of the most powerful arguments: wrongly picked up brassiere model can cause many diseases, including such terrible as breast cancer.

What brassiere may cause breast cancer - nonsense. Correctly chosen brassiere not only harms breast, but rather protects it from many troubles. In particular, from micro traumas that tender breast skin can get through friction of the dense fabric of clothing. In order to avoid stretching muscles, brassiere is needed in sports during the dances. Furthermore, modern woman manufacturers ensure that their underwear is not hampered breathing, not shrank veins.

Choosing the right brassiere.

The choice of size.

Measure the circumference of the chest - the result will tell what the figure of $ brassiere you need to focus. With around 63-67 cm your size 65 - and, with around 68-72 cm - 70 - and, with around 73-77 cm - 75 - first, and so on.

The letters marked size kidneys. Measure the circumference of the chest for a speaker points away around under the breast. When a difference of 11 cm (1) - AA size, 13 cm - A 15 cm - W, 17 cm - S, 19 cm - D. Centimeter and table size must be in every store laundry.

When selecting a brassiere should be considered:

1. Dairy iron should take full cup and waist - HEIs not breathing and did not crash into the body.

2. At the skin should not remain scars from anklet and fasteners.

The choice of form

Select brassiere, given the form and completeness of the breast. There are bras mainly for Strictly horizontal seam round bust, which is suitable for breast shape. Narrow chest slightly cups with vertical or inclined slightly sutures. Cups with sutures in the form of letters T lift the chest.

At form of breast brassiere affect not only cups, but also cut product as a whole. Thus, a broad chest can be corrected through the narrow strips of cloth between Cups. One of the latest inventions - bras, seamless fabric, held a special treatment, with the elastic, repetitive form of the breast. They owners suited as a small or big bust. Seamless form brassiere is ideal for women with mastopatit, or with a sick heart.

The choice of colors

We should not give preference to linen dark shades. This is coloring substance, which contains tissue. If, moreover, brassiere is cheap and you buy it on the market, there is no guarantee that it does not manufacture of fabrics used, painted primitive methods. When wearing such a brassiere color pigment is allocated from the tissues and can penetrate through the skin into the body. Particularly dangerous to be cheap colored linen in hot weather, as well as those who have increased sweating, as well as easier to paint affects the skin moist.

3. It is imperative that the brassiere closely match the size of your breasts. It is carrying close brassiere, impeding the free circulation of the blood and breathing, may cause stagnant blood, which in turn over time lead to a serious chest diseases.

4. Focus should be on the processing of seams, quality threads. Nothing should graze, drink or irritate the skin.

5. The preferred choice of cotton brassiere, which absorbs sweat perfectly without impeding the flow at the same time the air.

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