Monday, December 17, 2007

History of LIngerie part 2

Brassiere was invented several times. Most approximation of the modern mind lingerie, it first appeared in 1889, when Hermine Kadoll presented in its corset workshop le Bien-Etre lingerie. Two satin ribbons held a cup, and all that together fastened to the rear of a corset. Fashion in 1900 - a woman with a belly and underlined lush buttocks. Breast also stressed often moshave. However, after a dozen years of the lower part of the shell takes on a more direct line. It shows a woman without a waist, hips and buttocks, which is achieved with the help of all the same corset of whale scarf, which rods overly extended. No requirement to simplify the women's underwear. First of all, women lingerie argued for the abolition of corsets (but not for his replacement). It was then that the market appears large number of bras, although their design was made in the traditional style: whale success, rods, the tabs on the lacing lingerie.

In 1903, the Paris Academy of female medical doctor Ghosh Saro produced the world's first brassiere, corset dividing into two parts: the brassiere itself and belt. At the same time, several lifestyle changes, which could not have influence on the clothes of women. Many ladies sport skating on a bicycle, and therefore become preferred comfortable clothes. Corset becoming more lenient. The new design "bando", emulates form brassiere, gradually replacing it. A little later, the focus shifted to the depth of kidneys. Following the changes were born brassiere and panties first. Due to its simplicity and universality are firmly entered the women's wardrobe.

In 1935, producers in the United States have invented pads, which invested in a cup bras, which introduced a new labeling from A to D. And in 1942 ribbons brassiere become manageable lingerie. The Second World War brought total deficit, including underwear lingerie. But it must be said that it is the time the newly emerged spirit of invention: once before tissue, such as the shape of underwear. Especially popular enjoyed warm underwear. With the arrival of the Americans came, and the new trends and materials.

"Returns" hornet's waist, and with it, and the desire of luxury in his underwear. It is the producers of the time for the first time in history drew attention to adolescent girls and to manufacture lingerie collections and for the consumer. In 60's, West XX century industrialists are at the crest of the recovery, and that they were the first to make underwear production abroad. In the same 60 - e miraculous creation of a new fiber - lycra, and with it the first tights, and a mini-skirt. No grumble against brassiere not subsided, and even have the massive student riots in which publicly burned bras. Because of the change in attitude potrebitelnits - women were no longer shirts, skirts and so on the bottom - have become increasingly made light bras. Getting lost long until panties not become a bikini. In 80 - e luxury lingerie penetrated everywhere, and underwear are still left on the sidelines. The consequence of the restoration of the positions was the opening in 1986, the first museum in the United States underwear.

In today's world, these are war lingerie. Some producers believe that the greatest splendor is bust, if a chest firmly against the other. To achieve this effect used in the construction of special brassiere liners. At the same time there's pretty depression in the ground. Other manufacturers are trying to raise the chest as high as possible, which is also achieved by the construction brassiere. Even more popular was the use seamless underwear. It was very practical and fashionable. The lack of seams, could be seen through clothes quickly subdued female. Moreover, it has shaped linen effect, which was the salvation for many women with lush forms lingerie. Today, experts saw two lines of development lingerie: sexuality coupled with the elegance and clarity of lines, along with sportier lingerie. Both, and the other trend, of course, will find its customer. Time flows, and the story goes on!

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