Saturday, December 1, 2007

History of LIngerie part 1

Initially, the term "underwear, lingerie" did not exist. Women wore clothing under the "upper body underwear." And it is, alas, not intended to entice the. Valued in a linen primarily functional quality. The main challenge, which it was supposed to comply - is to conceal figure flaws. Exact thousand years, beginning in 3000 BC, home and the only fashionable trend - a "topless" attire. For example, in ancient Egypt at dresses start of the thin tissue just under the breast, exposing her completely. However, the desire to look more sexy pushed women to the invention father of the modern brassiere. People of ancient Greece became lingerie - a small tape, which wore around the torso under the breast. Over time, the design was transformed into a narrower version - mastodeton. His were on different body parts, so called, depending on this zone, or strophium cingulum. Romes borrowed from the Greek apodesme, but gave it a new title: mamillare, fascia, and capitium toenia. Fascia been to contain the growth of breast, mamillare constrained too lush chest, and storphium simply served as support. Thus was born and the first corset Lingerie, which has become more seductive neck.

After a century of women mastered to reduce chest Lingerie, and they started wrapping it in broad strips of cloth. The most popular tightening corsets made in the Middle Ages: the desire to be thin waist and bust of splendid women do not pay attention to the suffering. But corset still cause significant harm to health. It has been observed that the strained rib so that atrophiated and lungs. In XV century has become fashionable lingerie to expose the chest. And with a body of linen, which has long gone beyond the simple implementation of a functional task, began to fight the church. In the XVII century Cardinal Mazarin even tries to ban the production of parts toilet. Everywhere, doctors caution against "hornet's waist." But no orders and recommendations could not compel women to abandon elegance, which gave use of corsets. But paradoxically, the lower shirt at the time was a luxury. It could afford only very wealthy people. His splendid dresses ladies were right on corsets. Thin tights under dresses ladies became just after the French Revolution.

The history of underwear lingerie, as such, has started only by the middle of the XVIII century. At that time, there were approximately art shirts, and the same for men and women. Leather corsets replaced by "mechanical", which extended through piles of loops. Because too broad (up to 6 m), women's dresses actively used crinoline ( "crin" in French - horse hair) - rigid construction of matter, and even whale scarf steel hoops.

By the end of the XIX century women finally handed (!) Steel body wear underwear for beauty. Then something more romantic and a term - "Underwear". It is manufactured from jaïs or silk finishing with a widely used lace, embroidery, embossing different. The enormous popularity earned trousers, trimmed silk, fur, bow, curtains. However, the general public during such new seen as excesses. Nevertheless, the profession of creating lingerie become more and more respectable. They dreamt of fame: choice and the figure was enormous. Notches, embroidery, knitting hook and braid doing more luxurious lingerie. Several changes and the appointment of a corset: it became the front first rubber wear suspenders. Thus, in addition to correcting the figure became serve as a corset belt. However belt, as we know them, there is little later. At the time, a lady was several kilograms lingerie: pants, shirts, skirts "decency", corset, two lower skirts, etc. In winter, warm and even wore underwear. Over time, this could not but lead to a desire to get rid of the "extra" clothes. In 1896, it was even "a society of struggle for simplification of women's clothing."

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