Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lingerie - intimacy

Lingerie is something which every woman not just loves, but adores. Men also love to see sexy lingerie on their women. But today I would like to talk about the intimacy of the lingerie for every woman.

When I choose lingerie, I buy it for me. First of all I am thinking how am I going to look in it, how am I going to feel in it. I like the lingerie which is comfortable and casual. When choosing something new I prefer something that won't hurt, from cotton.

Lingerie is first of all for the woman, and than for the man. The woman should feel good about it. There is no reason to wear some sexy lingerie if you don't feel comfortable in it.

Every lingerie has the goal to make you feel special, the most beautiful and sexy. A woman first of all represents what she feels about her. And people around her see that.

Lingerie is intimacy, but still it says a lot about the womans character. Its first of all what she thinks about her.

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