Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lingerie Collections: Ashley Paige - Runway 08-09

This latest collection was presented at the fashion week in France. A pretty nice, fresh collection. Ashley Paige is using the colors that are en vogue since the last autumn.

I don't think they will stay fashionable in the following year, but we'll see. The colors are all types of grey and variations, with additions of black, rose, silver etc.

Anyway the collection is cute, I like it. It is pretty simple and contains classic elements. The fabrics used are cotton, polyester and silk I guess.

So the first model has a sort of dress hanging on her bra. I haven't seen anything like that, looks cute. The skirt is decorated with nice silver stuff on it. Looks sexy definitely.

We can see the grey color, how it fits greatly the first bra. It is not pale at all. However I mentioned already that grey was fashionable last year.

The next lingerie is pretty cool, I like it more. It is more classical. The low underwear reminds of the 60's. But the silk fabric with black pieces reminds of something which wasn't really shown in public. So that is not Marilyn Monroe style at all.

The color is pale pink. I am not sure if it is fashionable again.
The hair typically for 60's, the pretty curls, look nice.

However I still consider this example pretty boring in a way, I wouldn't wear this.
The following examples are pretty cool. I love this lingerie. The black color is always sexy.

The little sexy dress is great, great idea, perfect fabric and color. The silver lines are just perfect for this lingerie.
The next one, the black item is amazing, I just love it. The combination between the black and creamy white is a classic one, but always great.
Ashley Paige did a nice job, I like it. I like that she used natural fabrics and made something new out of classical ideas and stereotypes. She introduced the silver lines, which gave the old Hollywood look to the whole lingerie collection.

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